Friday, August 2, 2013

Dahlias and Surprises

Dahlias make a spectacular statement in the garden here at Diamond Rise from mid summer through frost. I manage to dig and store them successfully for the winter with 30% failure rate.  Since they are my third love after irises and daylilies, I don't keep as good track of their cultivar names.  I have also discovered that buying them from Lowes or Home Depot does not supply me with a reliable names.  For example, here's "Barbarossa" from an internet search:

And here's here's what bloomed in my garden from a Lowes package labeled Barbarossa:

If an iris were this mislabeled it would make crazy, but this dahlia is spectacular!  Each blossom is easily 10" in diameter.

These seem to be properly labeled:

American Dawn

Kelvin Floodlight

Sun Explosion


  1. My Lowe's tubers labeled Belle of Barmera is this exact mystery dahlia. My blooms are brownish-maroon with cream tips at 7" across. Akita seems to be the closest that I've come to identifying it. When my Akita plants bloom, (purchased from a dahlia farm), I will compare the two. I'd like to identify it.

    1. Thanks "Casa." That sure does look right online! I am obsessed with my iris ID, dahlias. not so much, thank goodness! Appreciate your post. Neil