Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Potted, Planted, Moved and Shipped.

Sunday was an AIS Region 2 Meeting planning committee meeting for GRIS. Cara, Judy, Wendy, Betty, Jim and I met at 6:30 PM for some final arrangement review.  On Saturday, October 19th, the Region 2 officers will meet in Rochester.  Part of that day and the evening before will include presentations by Stephanie Markham, iris hybridizer and owner of Toadland Gardens.  More information will be available soon in the Region  2 newsletter.

Before the meeting Jim brought material to pot many of the irises that remained after our sale.  He showed me how to do this and I finished them up today.  Hopefully some will grow enough for the Region 2 gathering silent auction.  Others will be wintered over for sale next year.

Yesterday I received my Schreiner's shipment.  17 new rhizomes to plant which got me in gear to start cleaning out and moving what's in my garden.  A strip by the sidewalk in front of the house now has a row of alternating Stella D'Oro daylilies and unnamed siderians.  The various "black" and white varieties of bearded iris are being migrated to a single bed.  My "tuxedo" bed.  Nearby the bestiary is growing.  Broken pattern iris from Kasperek are being herded together.  Elainealope, Gnus Flash, and  Bewilderbeast have joined Toucan Tango, Gnu Blues Kinkajou Shrew and Tiger Honey.

Some rhizomes were harvested to share with my friend David.  They are cleaned, trimmed, treated, packed and ready to ship to Lexington! 

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