Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Schreiner's Responds

Schreiner's has gone up a notch in my estimation by responding to my comment to their online support section, in which I included a link to my blog post about mildew.  I am always impressed when a company responds personally.  I was sent an e-mail and a comment was posted to my blog post.
Dear Mr. Houghton,
Thank you for your message. I posted a reply onto your blog regarding your
post about the mildew on the rhizomes. I hope this is acceptable. It is
helpful to see the photos, but I hope that your readers do not get the wrong
impression about our company and our product.  The unusual humidity we have
been experiencing here can play havoc on living things, plants included.

Thank you for your continued patronage and we wish you an enjoyable
remainder of the summer.

Best regards,
Schreiner's Iris Gardens
3625 Quinaby Road NE
Salem OR  97303
This is good customer service, too often absent.  I did as suggested before recieving the comment.  Applying a diluted bleach solution is the iris world's equivalent of take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

I will point out that there was no mildew on any of the rhizomes received from Mid-America.  They are in the same area of Oregon, same weather.  M-A ships via three day priority mail, Schreiner's via UPS, which took a week. The cost of shipping/handling at M-A is higher.  $13.50 Schreiner's (17 rhizomes), $18.50 for M-A (12 rhizomes).

I have another shipment coming from Schreiner's from their end of season sale.  I'll keep you posted.

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