Saturday, August 3, 2013


Lent A Williamson, (Williamson 1918) TB Historic
Today, Saturday, August 3, is the last day to get locally grown, freshly dug iris rhizomes at amazing bargain prices.  "Named" tall bearded irises are $3, Medians "named" are $2 and "orphans" (No name, color identified) are a buck!  There are purples, gold, light yellow, dark wine and more. There are limited choices left but we have some great historics, Lent A Williamson, Gertrude and Glowing Embers, for tried and long bloom and color.  We also have some standard dwarf bearded varieties that are great for smaller spaces and more wind resistant, blooming at about 10-15".

Twist my arm and I'll dig and sell "Immortality" a pure white re-bloomer which you can see in my garden blooming right now.  See a daylily in the garden that you like?  If it's mature enough I'll dig you a fan or two.

All proceeds to benefit GRIS (Greater Rochester Iris Society).

Come see us at:
3873 Rush Mendon Road. Mendon NY
call: 585-301-8256

Chanted (Blyth, 1990) SDB 13"
We'll be open until 5 pm!
Glowing Embers (Sturtevant, 1923) TB historic
Shipshape (Babson, 1968) TB Dykes Medal 1974

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