Monday, August 5, 2013

Trying Mars Edit at Pompanuck

Blogger is great, but when I am on vacation, like I am now, where there is limited or slow access to the Internet, I'm in a pickle.

This charming retreat in the foothills of Adirondack Mountains is Pompanuck Farm Institute.  It is nestled in the woods near the Vermont border outside of Cambridge, NY.  The idyllic setting is complimented by a roadhouse and wood-fired sauna of cord-wood construction.

100 0198

The grounds include a pond, a beautifully maintained vegetable garden from which the rainbow chard will be harvested for dinner later this week.

100 0213

The harvested garlic is drying in the barn.

100 0218

This a free trial of Mars Editor.  If I am pleased in 30 days I will buy the editor which will allow me a bit more flexibility on the road!

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