Friday, May 16, 2014


I don't know what a "normal year" is anymore.  So much water in the soil this year has lead to lots of rot in rhizomes.  It seems to be the "mother rhizomes." For the most part, increase is in good shape, but not completely.

I was in the process of uploading yesterday's blooms, when I walked down the hall toward the window that overlooks the ball fields.  Looked like it was flooding.  Not unexpected as it's on the Irondequoit Creek.  Although it hasn't flooded in years, last year it did.  The difference is, this was nothing two hours ago and now is as high as it ever was. Thank goodness we are on a rise so our house and basement are safe.  Not so about 4 houses down the street.  The fire department will no doubt be pumping soon.

Near the fence at our property line there are some railroad ties.  Last year they stayed put.  This year the floated forward.

The last thing my irises needed was more water.

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