Tuesday, May 13, 2014

See it Bloom Now, Buy it Later

Iris bloom season has begun here at Diamond Rise. It's a chance to stop by and see some great blooms.  The time to buy and plant iris is later in the summer.  Specifically the time to buy is on July 27 at the Cornell Cooperative Extension on Highland Ave.  You'll get great prices.  But what you get won't be all that pretty.  It will look a lot like ginger root.  It may bloom next year, but you might have to wait until 2016. It's worth the wait.  But wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what you'll be waiting for?

Here's the idea.  Stop by Diamond Rise in the next weeks and see what's blooming.  Leave your name, contact information and a "wish list."  If, when the time comes to dig and divide rhizomes comes, I do have something on your wish list, I'll let you know and the price we set.  Then you can pick up your rhizomes here or at the GRIS sale.  The price you pay goes to the Greater Rochester Iris Society.  I'll also have information about how to join GRIS, our meeting and event schedule and how to join the American Iris Society.  New members get a discount at some great commercial growers.

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you in comments on my blog or on Facebook, call or text me at 585-301-8256 or send email at neil.houhhton@me.com  Keep watching this site for a list of specific open garden days and times and a bloom update.

Right now there are 4 cultivars in bloom at Diamond Rise. These may stretch your perception of the what an iris is.  These are the smallest of the bearded iris, the miniature dwarf bearded class and the earliest of standard dwarf bearded.  Much easier to grow and less subject to the vagaries of weather, these gems will extend your iris bloom season.

Come by and share my passion for iris!

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