Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time to Catch Up! First the Medians.

Much has bloomed at Diamond Rise, and some has already faded.  Here are some of the highlights from the medians.  Many of these were acquired last year at our annual sale from Aitken's Rainbow Acres or from member contributions.

'Witchfire' IB (M.Smith, 2013)
 This was introduced last year by Marky Smith.  Really quite spectacular.

'Star In The Night' IB (Black, 2009)
 A striking contrast.  Added to my garden last year, it is blooming and growing well.

'Sangone' IB (Bianco, 1999)
 A beautifully marked little gem.  New to me in 2013.

'Jillaroo' SDB (Ensminger, 1993)
 I love 'Jillaroo!'  Very interesting color combination.

'Crystal Ruffles' MTB (Dunderman, 1986)
 A dainty MTB, 'Crystal Ruffles' demands close inspection.

'Little Paul' MTB (K.Fisher, 1983)
 Very violet.

'Concertina' IB (Sutton, 1999)
This was in my garden and never bloomed.  The rhizome rotted. I wanted to see it bloom so last year I ordered a replacement.  It was worth the wait.

'Ice And Indigo' SDB (Willott, 1990)
 New at our sale last year, it's growing well!

'Outer Edge' IB (Black, 2011)
Planted in 2012, the is blooming, and in profusion.

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