Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14 Update: More Medians

What a difference two days make.  The medians are popping all over the yard!  Too bad these beauties won't be around for the iris show on June 1. In Cahoots is a favorite!

'Bedford Lilac' (Bennett Jones, Registered 1990).
Seedling 362-1., R. SDB, height 11" (28 cm), Mid bloom season.
'Eye of the Tiger' SDB (Black '08)
Midseason-Late 15.5”  
'Favorite Angel' (Bennett Jones, R. 1990). Sdlg. M405-1. SDB, 12" (30 cm), M. 
'Ice And Indigo' (A. & D. Willott, R. 1990). Sdlg. 88-2. SDB, 10" (25 cm), E.
'In Cahoots' SDB (T. Johnson  2011)
Midseason 12” (30cm). Sdlg. 
'Jennyanydots' SDB (Black 2011) Early-Midseason 15” (38cm) 
'Panda Paws' not in AIS database
'Pulsator' SDB (T.  Johnson 2011)
Midseason 13” (33cm) Sdlg. TA144B: Wish Upon a Star X Squeal sib
'Snowy River' 'Snowy River' (A. & D. Willott, R. 1984). Sdlg. 79-94. MDB, 6"

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