Sunday, May 11, 2014


Irisians will yell you that a cultivar which is unidentified is called an orphan.  Three are blooming in my garden at present.  One I posted yesterday is an MDB which is reliably the first to bloom.

Here are two more that opened today:

This orphan (above) really was adopted.  Next door to our house is the Lehigh Valley Linear Trail. A garden club planted a plot by the entrance but it is rarely taken care of.  Buried in the midst of ornamental grasses was a clump of iris.  They needed dividing and so I did that and spread some clumps around my gardens.  Can anyone ID these for me?

This beautiful gem came into my garden last year.  It had a stick with the name weathered off.  Not like me not to make a formal label, but there it is.  The one is less than 5" tall. 

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