Monday, June 2, 2014

A Little More Self-Indulgence

Please excuse my self-indulgence.  When I get some more time I will include others, but today, enough about me, let's talk about ME!

Yesterday's Greater Rochester Iris Show was a big day for me.  A "newbie" by iris club standards, I was thrilled to win the awards above.  On the left are the prizes awarded my entry of 'Stepping Out.'  This 1964 Schreiner's introduction is one of the most highly honored irises of all time.  My specimen won and blue ribbon, then a "Best of Section" and finally, "Best of Show."  Six of my other entries won 1st place blue ribbons, 3 won 2nd place red ribbons, 1 won 3rd place and 1 received an honorable mention. 
'Stepping Out' Best of Show
'Stepping Out' TB (Schreiner, 1964)
'Stepping Out'
'Stepping Out' has deep violet banded falls, with with a pure white center.  Kyle has been telling me I have "too many purples," but when this bloom stepped out he declared it a favorite.  The excellent placement of blooms also impressed the judges!

'Better Than Butter' TB (Black, 2010)
 Paul Black's 2010 introduction 'Better Than Butter' was my favorite new bloom in 2014.  Planted in 2012 this is the first bloom season.  When I saw it in Oregon at Mid-America Garden's I knew I had to have it.  It is growing well in upstate New York.  A blue ribbon winner!

'Art Form' TB (Hager, 1989)
Acquired from Borglum's Iris Garden's in Geneva, 'Art Form is a stunning bi-tone.  It's very tall and sturdy. Another blue ribbon winner.

'Eagle Control' TB (Sutton, 1998)
' Eagle Control' is a space-age iris, meaning the beards end in horns that flare upward. Blue ribbon number 3.

'Jesse's Song' TB (Williamson, 1979)
Heavy plicata in a light violet made 'Jesse's Song' a Dyke's Medal winner in 1990.  The 4th blue ribbon

'Slew O'Gold' TB (Schreiner, 2013)
Blue ribbon number 5 went to Schreiner's introduction from last year. This brilliant golden yellow packs punch in the garden.  With only one bloom stalk I was hesitant to cut it, but the amazing branching a large substantive blooms made it 'best of show' potential. Despite all attempt to force the side buds to open, it was not to be.  This is an iris that won't be rushed.  Which means it will provide a stunning garden display for more than a week.

'Orinoco Flow' BB (Bartlett, 1989)
The 6th blue ribbon was the only border bearded entry. The white with purple banding of 'Orinoco Flow' is marked by a narrow band and the white is lightly peppered with the border color.  This iris won the British Dykes Medal in 1994.

Winner's Table

'Chameleon' entered by Wendy Roller
In the even that the winner cannot fulfill it's duties this 1st runner-up will be wear the crown.  Wendy also won second runner-up and the Magdelan Award for best median iris.  More about her later!

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  1. Congratulations, Neil. Your entries helped to make the GRIS show a fantastic display. Very well done!