Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tall Bearded Iris are Popping' (Delayed Post)

Written 10 days ago, here is a post that got lost in the shuffle of Iris Show.

Here are some of the Tall Bearded Iris in bloom.  Please stop by anytime to see them in person.  The Camera does not capture it all.

The first three are from my "Bestiary" section.  Sometimes called "zebras" these broken-pattern iris offer a quirky take on beauty.  Brad Kasperek is the hybridizer who dominates this group.  His creative, whimsical names reflect the amusing look of these iris.

' Toucan Tango'  TB (Kasperek, 1999)
 Wild splash of magenta make this am "end-of-day" in parlance of glassware.

'Pythonz Parasol' TB (Kasperek, 2001)
 This parasol is wildly marked with less garish colors.  The washed center on the falls is typical of these broken-pattern iris.
'Gnu Blues' TB (Kasperek, 1993)
This is my favorite.  I moved it last year and it is very happy! Blue watercolor splashes on a pale blue background make this a subtle beauty.

Now to the more conventional!

'Better Than Butter' TB (Black 2010)
 The moment I saw this at Mid-America I had to have it.  The sunshine of this beauty is lost to the camera.  The flounced and laced standard are stunning.  Edged with the brilliant yellow as if dipped in ink, draw the eye straight to this cultivar.

Unknown Historic 

Clearly historic because of the tear-drop falls and smoothly edged standards, this is a resilient iris.
Can anyone name this for me?

'Jessse's Song' TB (Williamson,1983)
Jesse's Song is a Dykes Medal winner.

'Seneca Pink Delight' TB (D.Borglum, 2005)
From Dana and Sylvia's place.

'Hemstitched' TB (Hager, 1989)
This one has been in my garden forever.

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