Friday, June 20, 2014

Dangerous Mood, Dangerous Buying Choices

'Dangerous Mood' is an impressive bi-tone.  The dark, almost black falls support a light blue cloud of standards.  Several year ago I picked up packaged rhizomes (2) at Home Depot.  You can never count on what you'll get from these shriveled rhizomes.  To be fair you can never be absolutely sure what you'll get from many growers.  So when they finally bloomed I ended up with an amoena.  Which one?  Maybe you can help! Here they are together, 'Dangerous Mood' on the right:

I have both because I ordered 'Dangerous Mood' directly from Schreiner's last year.  Below is a clear picture of the bloom.  In my garden its peak bloom this year was June 7 through 11.

The official info:
'Dangerous Mood' (Schreiner, R. 2004). Seedling JJ 109-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), Early thru mid bloom season. Standards and style arms light blue (RHS 97C), falls black (202A); beards dark purple, hairs tipped yellow. 'Dark Passion' X EE 141-2: ('Northwest Progress' x 'Hello Darkness'). Schreiner 2004.

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