Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not Another One of Those! 'Ink Patterns'

There seems to be a plethora of white irises banded in blue/purple.  When my friend, David, said, "I love 'Ink Patterns' I thought, not another one of those.

I planted a rhizome from Mid-America in 2012 and this year it bloomed for the first time. With all the variations on this theme including Dykes winners, 'Jesse's Song' and 'Stepping Out' this holds its own.

'Ink Patterns' photographed toward the red in this shot.

The plicata is heavily stitched and almost blue.  The heavy substance, lovely flower form and bloom production make it a garden stand-out.  It blooms on a solid stalk and with a little grooming I can imagine it showing well.

I also like the fact that the edging on the standards match those on he falls.

Mid America says of this 2007 introduction by Thomas Johnson:

Exuberantly ruffled white flowers have indelible inky blue stitched plicata bands around falls. Standards have wide washed and stitched plicata bands with dotting inside them and lines up midribs. Styles are wonderfully contrasted, inky, dark indigo. A clump of INK PATTERNS in the garden is unforgettable. It is sure to catch the judge's eye at shows.
36" (91 cm) Sdlg. TW81B: American Classic X Royal Estate

Here it is with 'Good Life' a 2010 Paul Black introduction.  The magenta-violet and blue-violet of these two work very well together. 'Good Life' was also planted in 2012 and bloomed this year for the first time.

 Good Life is not just another one of those, either!

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