Saturday, June 21, 2014

Featured Iris: Flash of Light

If any iris screams, "Thomas Johnson!" this is it.  Deep blue falls with the 'Flash of Light' from the center are crowned by bright yellow beards.  The radiating lines are striking and the white standards are kissed with a powder blue cast.

Blooming at 33" around June 7 in my garden two years after planting a rhizome from Mid-American, 'Flash of Light' is not subtle.

From Mid-America's website:
(T.Johnson '08) From the centers of dark blue falls comes a blazing flash of white light. Ruffled white standards have just a hint of blue around them. Dark violet-blue falls shade inward to dazzling white sunbursts illuminated by bright gold yellow beards. Super show branching and double budded sockets in a color & pattern normally shy of buds. Makes very showy clumps. Vigorous healthy growth. Late 36” (91cm) Sdlg. TX49B: Snowed In X Queen’s Circle 

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