Sunday, May 15, 2016

Line Drive and Friends

A return engagement of 'Line Drive.'  Compare it to 'Sangone' below.

This IB looks so much like a mid size orphan that runs rampant in my garden.  These rebloom regularly but 'Avanelle' is not identified as a re-bloomer.  I fear the unknown pretenders will be savagely cleared out in July.

'Avanelle' (William Jones, Registered 1976)

'Bedford Lilac' is lovely shade of the flower that is now coming into bloom`in Highland Park in Rochester.
'Bedford Lilac' (Bennett Jones, Registered 1990)
 Here is a lovely SDB that is un-named.  Since it came from my friend, Betty it's now...

'Betty's Orphan' (SDB)
 One of my first SDBs was from Mid-America.

'Eye Of The Tiger' (Black '08) 
 I love Jenny!

'Jennyanydots' (Black '11) 

This was labeled 'Mystic Symbol.' It's not.  But I love it.  Anyone know what it is?

unknown bed F-1e
 Another Mid-America SDBeauty!

'Peach Pie' (T.Johnson '11)
 An IB that is delicately lined is 'Sangone."

'Sangone'  (Augusto Bianco, R. 1999)
 Another sweet SDB...

'Sapphire Jewel'  (Melba Hamblen, R. 1977)

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