Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TB Explosion: 3-2-1

Sunday is my season celebration party.  If you didn't get an invite, I apologize! Send an email and I'll take care of that!

Here's the the status of the bed now.  With with 4 days predicted to be in the high 80s a lot of the buds will pop.  There is also a prediction for scatted thunderstorms between now and then. Tomorrow I will be staking some of the really tall guys.

This is the first TB to open for me.  I believe it to be 'Hemstitched.' But as I look at some postings I am not so sure... more research to be done!

This is an unidentified historic iris.  The simple, tear-drop shaped falls are a giveaway that this is not a modern hybrid.

Here is the first bloom from my broken pattern bed.  I call it the bestiary.  Broken Pattern or "Zebras" are those irises with splotches or irregular patterns. 'Maria Tormena' won the race this year.  It is the first time it has bloomed for me.

'Maria Tormena' (TB Ensminger '89)
 Apply named, Land of Fire brings together dramatically vivid colors into flow of lava.

'Terre De Feu' (TB Cayeaux '97)
 Below is an unknown cultivar by my patio.  I suspect it is from a GRIS sale and its label got lost! I know one of my friends will know it.  I think it is an IB but it could be a late SDB.

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