Friday, May 20, 2016

SDBs and IBs Make Great Clumps

Here's a clump of the SDB 'Fruit Cup'.  Once an SDB or IB finds a location that suits it the clump will quickly put on a great display. This Paul Black introduction was purchased from Schreiber's in 2014 and look at it now!

'Fruit Cup' (SDB Paul Black '14)
Another Paul Black, this one an IB, also make a beautiful, bloom-filled clump. It was introduced more than 30 years before the 'Fruit Cup'.

'Harlow Gold' (IB Paul Black '82)
Another IB with more white and ruffle.

'Lemon Pop' (IB Larry Lauer '90)
Now here's an SDB that's having a difficult time establishing itself.  This is single bloom in it's third year.
'Ping'  (SDB Thomas Johnson '13)
And 'Tessie' has fully opened. It's has great substance and dramatic central white line on the falls.

'Tessie The Tease' (IB J.Griffin Crump 2006)

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