Saturday, May 14, 2016

More SDBs and Early Bloomers

This year we had a very early spring and then a couple of weeks of temps hovering right around freezing.  One day the temperature dipped to 20º.  I am beginning to wonder what a "normal" spring is.  These pictures are from Saturday, May 14.

At this time of year a day makes a world of difference.  Something with lots of buds becomes a clump with lots of blooms.  Here 'Spring Fresh' takes off.

'Spring Fresh' (SDB Keith Keppel, R. 1996)

Yesterday 'Line Drive' was only one unfurling bud.  Today it's a lovely bunch. This is supposed to be early-mid season bloomer.  It's proving a very early IB in my garden.

'Line Drive' (IB M. Sutton '07)
This SDB caught my eye in the Mid-America catalog and it did not disapoint. I suppose 'Eggs and Blueberries' was not an appealing name.

'A Little Good News' (Thomas Johnson, R. 2014)

'Jillaroo' is one of those interesting iris that many people would not call "beautiful." I love these.  The standard and beard are described as lobelia blue. In my garden the standard are purple as you can see and the rust colored falls are edge in the same.

'Jillaroo' (SDB A. Ensminger, R. 1983)
Paul Black has a series of SDBs named after the characters from Cats.  This is 'Jennyanydots.'

'Jennyanydots' (SDB Paul Black '11)
Aitken's 'Cinnamon Candy' yielded one bloom this year.  Registered as a 12" bloomer in my garden it is more like 5" this year.  Another victim of the weather.

'Cinnamon Candy' (SDB Aitken '13)


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