Saturday, May 28, 2016

Post Storm Post

The damage was't too bad, but several TBs not staked took a dive.

A key component to modern hybrids is developing not only prettier iris but better growing iris.  Here's and example.

Golden Panther is an amazing golden bronze color but also has substance. This means that the petals have a certain thickness making them more stable in rain.  Notice that these erect falls are undaunted by the recent downpour. This was the American Dykes Medal winner in 2009.

'Golden Panther' (TB Richrd Tasco '00)
Compare that to the historic 'Gibson Girl' with its beautiful but flimsy falls taking a beating with the rain. Admittedly the bloom was two days old, but compare this to yestrday's post.

'Gibson Girl' (TB J.M.Gibson 1946)
 These two beauties are from Thomas Johnson.  Both have Queen's Circle as a parent and they are similar. 'Flash of Light' has more white in rays on the fall, 'But Dancing Star' has a purple fall base, while 'Flash of Light' is more blue.
'Dancing Star' (TB Thomas Johnson '09)

'Flash of Light' (TB Thomas Johnson '08)
I close this post with another unknown... I believe it is 'Total Recall' which I purchased in 2008 from Breck's.  This is before I understood that buying from am iris grower and even better a hybridizer is the way to make sure you get what you order.  Come over and I'll show how far off those shriveled rhizomes I bought from Lowes are.  And they were not even that cheap.

Total recall has been moved so many times that I THINK it is blooming in several spots my yard.  As its name implies it reblooms again in the fall, but not here!  There are only a few, particularly 'Immortality,' that I can rely on to rebloom in our climate.

'Total Recall' (TB Ben Hager '92) questionable

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