Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Annual Iris Party

It was a perfect day!  Postponing was absolutely the right decision.  I am sorry that I lost some attendees and hope that the will stop over this week to wander through the iris like Allene and Peter did yesterday.

Allene and Party
The people of the hour were Jeffery and Anne Weaver. Jeffery is the tall guy and Anne is the expectant mother hydrating in warm weather.  The Weaver's ministries at St. John's have been wonderful even though their home worship community is a Mennonite church in Rochester.  Jeffery has been our impressive organist on many occasions. Anne serves as executive assistant when our own is on vacation.

Dave, Jeffery, Alan and Bev

Of course the real star of the Weaver family is Jamie.  He's been at every iris party I have held since he was born.  Kyle and I really hope he'll come back from Indiana for our next event.

Here is a mix of attendees and irises that bloomed just in time for the party.

Bev, Tara, Mary, Viginia and Brad

'Cheap' (TB Paul Black '08)

'Celebration Song' (TB Schreiner 1993)
American Dykes Medal 2003) 

Dawn, Al and Dick

Jamie, Jeffrey, Cara and Nathan

Jean, Chuck, Al and Bonnie

Jeffery, Bev and Peter

'Kevin's Theme' (TB Frederick Kerr 1993)
Montmartre has been a favorite since I first saw it.  This is its first bloom in my garden! Perfect timing.

'Montmartre' (TB Keith Keppel '03)
We are a dog friendly garden.  Here is the resident dog, Koda, and his guest, Nitra.


'Potomac Fireworks' (TB Donald Spoon '97)

'Wild' (BB Paul Black '12)

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  1. Very nice....so glad you had a great turn out after the weekends weather...everything looked wonderful.