Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Measuring Up

I have been checking the height of various blooms.  The close-up below is of Thomas Johnson's 'Ray of Light'  It's a beauty and growing really well. The the pale 'raspberry rose' on the standards and edging the the falls frames a complex veining pattern of dark cherry.

'Ray Of Light' (SDB Thomas Johnson, registered 2005).

What is even more impressive is that it's all packed into this tiny bloom standing 11" tall.

'In Cahoots' sets an overall yellow bloom agains a lavender beard.  The yellow is far from simple.  I close look reveals a creamy fall with bright yellow on the hafts, delicately flounced and standards of buttery yellow.  Again this is an SDB blooming at 9 inches.

'In Cahoots'(SDB T.Johnson '11)

SDBs make a great rock garden plant.  Here is 'Inner Peace' nestled among the rocks near my water feature. I planted to varieties here, 'Favorite Angel' and 'Inner Peace,' white and blue respectively.  The blue was so much more vigorous that it overtook the white.

'Inner Peace' (SDB A. & D. Willott, R. 1990)

When 'Favorite Angel' bloomed I never saw it!  Today I finally got the weeds out and there is the poor thing:
'Favorite Angel' (SDB Bennett Jones, R. 1990)

Nearby is the the first bloom in my garden of 'Iris Crostata.' This species is very low to the ground. This bloom is about 5" tall and 2" wide.  


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